Wednesday, November 3, 2010

International Day of What Now?!

This is just disturbing:
International Day of masturbation on the Qur'an
What you DO: Do the Nasty on the Quran, send us a pic of the results.Blur our Nudity, if you can. If not, we will handle it and post it on a site off of facebook, to be viewed by all! Have Fun. Wank on the Quran, Male or Female! EVERYBODY MASTURBATE ON THE QURAN, EVERY DAY! 
Let me be clear about this:  I think the Qur'an is a ridiculous book filled with mostly nonsense, just as I do about the Bible, and every other holy book I've come across thus far.  And I don't particularly care what anyone does to a book they own, regardless of the supernatural significance someone else gives to said book.  And I don't particularly care if an action offends a religious group, particularly if you have a positive message (such as the message sent by Draw Muhammad Day earlier this year).

However, this is offensive, for the sole sake of offending.  There is no message here.  Part of the reason I like Draw Muhammad Day was because it was about creating, rather than destroying.  This is the exact opposite of that.  I think of it this way: if this was supposed to be a day of masturbating on any other book, a book not regarded as holy, for example, I would still be offended by this.  It's childish nonsense, completely uncreative and without any rational message.

So while I support everyone's right to do whatever they wish to a Qur'an, or any other book, it doesn't stop me from also finding these people to be complete morons.

(via Friendly Atheist)
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