Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Catholic Priest Steals $1.3M from church

And guess what he was paying for?
He allegedly spent the money on lavish hotels, dining, and expensive clothing. But he also is reported to have provided three men with funds, too -- one he met at a park, one he met at a male strip club, and another he met through a male escort service.
If you guessed gay sex, you'd be correct.  I don't think I've ever been less sympathetic to either side of a dispute before.

The video is even funnier.  Apparently, not only was he taking money from parishioners, but he also leased out the steeple of his church to a wireless company to put in a cell phone tower, and pocketing the money.

I suppose that's one way to make a church useful.

And the priest from the archdiocese at 1:13 is absolutely right.  The church believes in reconciliation and forgiveness, like when a priest rapes children.  Unless, of course, you fuck with the church's money.  Then you're going to jail, asshole (especially if you're a fag).

You know, the pope is right.  We here in America DO need to rediscover our Catholic roots.
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