Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Second Annual Blag Hag Blogathon

Jen McCreight from Blag Hag (and of Boobquake fame) will be Blogathon-ing for the second straight year.  Starting Saturday, July 31st at 8:00am, she plans on making a new blog post every half hour, for 24 straight hours!  She's doing all this for charity, She's asking readers to donate to the Secular Student Alliance, in support of her amazing feat.  She also has other ways you can help:

2. Spread the word! Post this on your blog, tweet it, tell a friend. And remind people to "tune in" on the 31st!  [[Jeff:  I'm on it! :-)]]

3. Inspire me! If I haven't been answering your emails or questions on formspring.me, it's because I've been saving up (sorry!). But I can never have too many blogging prompts. Ask me a question anonymously, or email me an idea at blaghagblog(at)gmail(dot)com.

4. Keep me company on the 31st. It helps knowing people are actually reading the posts I'm pumping out. And I try to keep them the same quality of my normal posts - I won't throw up stupid filler just to meet my quota. It should be entertaining for everyone involved, especially since you can literally watch me get more delirious as the night goes on. And hey, it can get lonely at 5am. It's good to know there's another night owl out there.

I'll definitely be checking in on her throughout the day, you should as well.  We can be comment buddies!

And if you can, make a donation; the SSA is a great organization that could use your help.
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