Wednesday, May 26, 2010

JIm Gardner's review of "Atheism is a Religion"

Jim Gardner writes the blog How Good is That?.  I mentioned him recently; he inspired me to write my letter to the Catholic Church, as he did a while ago.  He has recently been arguing with Joe Cienkowski via twitter (Jim is @MovingToMontana), a crank born again who wrote Jesus Christ is God.  From the Amazon reviews, it appears to be a poor attempt to discredit evolution as "the religion of atheism."  I don't know what a good attempt at that would look like, but the reviews suggest this book is even worse than other creationist garbage out there.  Joe's twitter feed is equally vapid and obnoxious.  Read it with caution.

Jim got a hold of Cienkowski's new book: Atheism is a Religion, and is going to review the book via YouTube, on a point by point basis.  I really enjoy his blog, and am looking forward to the review.   It'll save me the trouble of reading what I expect to be utter tripe, and still feel smugly superior to this moron, so it's a win-win!

If you're interested in his review, follow his blog, he'll be posting the videos there.  Jim also has a request for anyone who enjoys his reviews:

Can I please ask those of you who intend to follow these reviews, or just want to show support, to donate as much as you can afford to UNICEF, using the link below.

UNICEF is a charity that actually does something for people who need help, instead of talking to themselves about it while hoping the Israelite God of war is listening in.

From their website:
UNICEF is the only organisation specifically named in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a source of expert assistance and advice on which governments can call. We are responsible for holding governments to account for the rights of children.
UNICEF is an organization I hadn't paid much attention to before, and I hadn't realized what important work they do.  I donated a small amount, won't you as well?
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