Thursday, May 20, 2010

Draw Muhammad Day is Today

So today is Draw Muhammad day, and as promised I have my own drawing:

If you're offended by this drawing, what about it offends you the most?  Is it one of the stick figures?  Which one, and why?  Is it the name Muhammad?  Writing the prophet's name isn't against the rules.  IS it the intent behind it.  I can assure you I mean no offense to anyone, I simply wanted to make people think, and to support free speech.

Hemant at Friendly Atheist has a collection of them up, including mine, and a lot of people had a similar idea as I did, which is pretty cool.  I like the paradox Muhammad a lot, I wish I thought of it.  The self portrait cartoon made me laugh too.

So on a more serious note, we have to decide which one of the stick figures is the real Muhammad.  I've added a poll to the sidebar, so you can vote!  Let's decide together which Muhammad is the real Muhammad (that sounds like a Middle Eastern Enimem copycat song).

EDIT:  I also wanted to link to Greta Christina's drawing, and her explanation as to why it is necessary for us to participate.  If you disagree with Draw Muhammad Day, I would suggest reading Greta's explanation.  I think she hits all of the salient points.

SECOND EDIT:  Sorry for all of these.  But I found another Muhammad picture that I liked a lot.  This one incorporates Christopher Hitchens!  It's by Jeffrey Watson, who draws the comic strip Ape, Not Monkey, which is one of the comics I regularly check out.  I love his drawing style, and his commentary on religion and skepticism is spot-on.
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