Friday, April 23, 2010

New Comments

So at first, DM's trolling comments were kind of funny, and made theists look stupider than they actually are.  Now, it's become obnoxious, repetitive and somewhat aggressive.  I'm not a fan of moderating comments, but in this case I'm getting tired of him/her (whoever this moron is) taking up huge chunks of comment space with mental patient rantings about Deepak Chopra and random Aztec gods (no joke, take a look at some of his links).  I want to encourage discussion, and have no intention of censoring people who want to discuss my posts, regardless of their position.  But posting the same irrational screeds repeatedly, with no connection to what's being discussed, then I'm going to blacklist you.

To do this, I've installed a new commenting system from Disqus that will let me moderate comments more effectively than I can with the default Blogger comments.  You'll have to register with a Disqus account in order to continue commenting here.  This is sort of a test post, we'll see if the new comment system works.

EDIT:  In case there was any confusion, I'm not moderating comments by checking every comment before it gets posted.  Once you register for Disqus, your comment will get posted immediately.  Disqus just lets me block specific users in various ways, unlike the default Blogger commenting system.
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