Saturday, February 20, 2010

So proud of my former church

Washington DC has recently legalized same-sex marriage. In response, the Catholic Church discontinued its foster-care program, in order not to license same-sex couples.
Edward Orzechowski, president and chief executive of Catholic Charities, the archdiocese's social service arm, said the group is optimistic that it will find a way to structure its benefits packages in other social service programs so that it can remain in partnership with the city without recognizing same-sex marriage.
Asked if that meant looking at ways to avoid paying benefits to same-sex partners or ways to write benefits plans so as not to characterize same-sex couples as "married," Orzechowski said "both, and." 
"Now we're in a position where we need to scrutinize everything," he said. "From our point of view, it's important that we don't in any way compromise our religious teaching." (emphasis mine)
It's nice to know that hating queers is more important to the church than making sure children are cared for.  Giving gays benefits would be compromising their religious teachings, whereas abandoning children doesn't seem to bother them too much.  Any Catholics out there willing to defend this?

EDIT:  I forgot to link to Allison Kilkenny's report on this @ True Slant, where I originally saw this story.  Sorry Allison!


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