Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Pages on the Blog

So Blogger has a new Pages option, so I can have a few stand-alone pages that are always available in a menu (it's over on the right side, just below my little mini-bio), as opposed to the dynamic content that gets updated and shifted down into oblivion over time.  I've created a page called Reading the Qur'an, which contains all of my posts related to my reviews of the Qur'an, so that everything related to that is easily accessible from one place.

I'll probably add an About Me page soon, since everyone seems to be doing it (damn peer pressure!), even though I hate talking about myself.  I have a basic idea about what I'll put there, but if anyone reading my blog has anything they want to know about me, I'd be happy to put it there as well.  Anyone have any questions I can answer?  (Again, I hate writing about myself without guidance, so questions will be extremely helpful...) 


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