Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christopher Maloney is a quack (via PZ)

Most of you reading this here have probably already seen it on Pharyngula, but I thought I should copy it here. 

Christopher Maloney is a naturopath from Maine whose atrocities include  calling himself a doctor (he's an N.D., not M.D.) and dispensing quack advice such as giving children elderberries and garlic capsules to battle the flu.  Just look at his own website:
When I was ill, I went looking for a doctor.
I could not find anyone who did what I wanted.
So I have worked to become the doctor I wanted to find.
From his WHAT DID I WANT? page (caps are his, not mine) he goes into more detail:
It would help if we could discuss the spiritual side of my illness as well, because I think that affects how I feel on a given day. Oh, and I want my doctor to give me bodywork or massage or maybe a foot rub when I need it. That's not too much to ask, is it? 
So because all of his doctors wanted to given him treatment that actually works (you know, medicine), and wouldn't waste their time rubbing his feetsies (because they're doctors, not masseurs/masseuses), he decided to become a naturopathic crank, giving people homeopathic treatments and magical herbs and berries.

Mr. Maloney also spouts nonsense about autism and vaccines, and prion diseases (such as Mad Cow).  On the latter page, he apparently accepted the testimony of one of his patients who knew she had scrapie, even though its believed to not be transmittable to humans.  I assume that means there's never been a case documented in a human.  There's plenty more nonsense to read; take it in small doses if you don't want your brain to explode.

So when a student named Michael Hawkins criticized him for being a quack, Mr. Maloney wrote a well thought-out rebuttal, pointing out the deficiencies of the criticisms against him.

No, wait, that's not right.  Maloney actually cried and whined to WordPress, who hosted Hawkins' blog, and got them to shut the blog down.

Of course, the problem with censoring your critics on the web is that it usually backfires very badly.   I'm making sure that it does for Mr. Maloney.  PZ wants all in the online skeptical community (and anyone else, of course) to pass on the message: Christopher Maloney is a quack.  I'd like to add that Mr. Maloney is also a coward and a crybaby.  If you can't handle criticism, get off the internet.  Please pass it on.


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