Sunday, January 3, 2010

Iranian Soccer Federation Sends New Year's Greeting to Israel

This is just bizzare...

The head of Iran's soccer federation issued a public apology and a member of his staff resigned after the federation mistakenly sent a New Year's greeting to its counterpart in Israel, Iranian officials announced Sunday.

Kaffashian said Iran's soccer league routinely sends New Year's greetings to all members of FIFA, the sport's global federation, except for Israel. Iran does not recognize Israel, which it dismisses as the "Zionist entity," and the two countries' teams do not meet in international competitions.

To whom are they apologizing?  "Sorry we accidentally broke the childish silent treatment we have been giving Israel..."  Most of us grew out of this bullshit after the second grade.  How can anyone take this seriously? 

They should apologize for the nonsensical violence and hatred toward Jews that goes on in their country.  (Israelis should also apologize for similar hatred of Muslims in their country, of course, but we all know neither will happen anytime soon, so it's moot anyway.)


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