Friday, December 4, 2009

Justification for Religious Belief

Greta Christina posted this fantastic article on AlterNet, about religious believers and their unwillingness to provide evidence for their beliefs.  Here's a teaser:

In my conversations with religious believers, I'll often ask, "Why do you think God or the supernatural exists? What makes you think this is true? What evidence do you have for this belief?" Partly I'm just curious; I want to know why people believe what they do. Plus, I think it's a valid question: it's certainly one I'd ask about any other claim or opinion. And if I'm wrong about my atheism -- if there's good evidence for religion that I haven't seen yet -- I want to know. I'm game. Show me the money.

But when I ask these questions, I almost never get a straight answer.

Check out the article for the rest, its well worth the time.  And if you're not following her blog, start. 

(I guess I should warn you that while she blogs about atheism and religion, Greta also writes about her own sexuality and erotica as well, which may make some readers uncomfortable.)


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