Monday, December 21, 2009

The Catholic Church, Copyright © AD 1 - 2009

The Holy See has declared that the figure of the Pope should be protected from unauthorized use.

The declaration alludes to attempts to use ecclesiastical or pontifical symbols and logos to "attribute credibility and authority to initiatives" as another reason to establish their “copyright” on the Holy Father's name, picture and coat of arms (emphasis mine).

I let the laughter subside before I continue.

To be safe, I guess I should say the following:

This blog is in no way endorsed by the Catholic Church, a group who spreads misinformation about condom efficacy in Africa, exacerbating the spread of AIDS throughout the region, covers up the rape and physical abuse of children by their own clergy, actively promotes sexism and anti-gay bigotry, and believes that a cracker and red wine miraculously turns into the body and blood of an ancient Palestinian man who has been dead for nearly 2000 years when a priest (who must have testicles) says some magical words over them.

Now where will my credibility come from?!


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